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"Life is about the stories we live and here we are crafting them with love and blending them in our fine handmade fabrics and threads"

















"Lasya" (লাস্যwas born out of the warm old Calcutta charm, be it the hundred year old buildings, narrow lanes, cacophony of "the rawk er adda" or "the Bonediana". Our designs are inspired by the vintage hand embroidery style and the rich culture of India. We work directly with local weavers and artisans to humbly bring to you various weaves and artisanal clothing to your doorstep. We believe in ethical slow fashion wherein we invest time to create magic with our own designs using different forms of embroidery and weaving patterns. As a brand we aspire to include more craftsmen into our process and build a community with trust and wrap them with love.

Mindfulness, ingenuity and rawness is what makes LASYA unique.

About Lasya

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